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A Great Software!
It was a pleasant surprise to see how accurately
1-2-3FileConvert converted my PDF to Word. We also use the image conversion tool a lot!
  Rita Sayles, Pharmatech  
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Multiple Licensing
1-2-3FileConvert offers multiple licensing to enable corporate, government, and academic organizations to receive significant discounts
by purchasing
1-2-3FileConvert software licenses in Multiple quantity. Please fill our 1-2-3FileConvert Multiple Licensing Program form and we will contact you at the earliest.
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Batch Convert PDF, Word Documents and Images

Q1. What is the advantage of using 1-2-3FileConvert?
  Q2. Can I save multiple images to multiple formats at one time?
  Q3. Can a scanned PDF file be converted into a Word file?
  Q4. Is it possible to apply effects and export selected images in a folder instead of all of them?
  Q5. After applying effects, can I save the image in its original format?
  Q6. I have been using a free trial version of 1-2-3FileConvert and want to upgrade to a purchased version. Can I upgrade the current setup or do I need to download the application again?
  Q7. How secure is the payment process?
  Q8. How can you be sure any connection is secure?
  Q9. After purchasing 1-2-3FileConvert, I had inadvertently uninstalled it. When I tried to re-install it,
it did not accept my registration key, what should I do?
  Q10. Is my online order form secure?
  Q11. I am getting blank page when I convert PDF to word with the trial version. What is the issue here?
  Q12. I do not have internet access, so how can I activate the product?
  Q13. I am not able to activate the product, though I have the internet access?
  Q14. I receive an error that the file <prng.dll> is missing
  Q15. The print out of the document is not proper.

The software 1-2-3FileConvert allows you to convert both documents and images at the same time. You can convert word document to PDF or PDF document to word and there is no need to reformat the converted document. The page layout and text options are great. In addition, it allows you to convert your images to more than 60 formats including the popular BMP, JPG, GIF, PBM, PGM, PNG, TGA and TIF formats.

Besides image conversion to other formats you can modify images by resizing, rotating, flipping, and cropping them. You can also apply special filters like Emboss, Border, Negate, Gaussian Blur, and Oil Paint etc. among many others. You can also change your image display mode quite easily, making it Monochrome, RGB, CMYK, HSB, HSL, Transparent etc. The 1-2-3FileConvert gives you many features of high-end image editing and document conversion programs at just a fraction of the price. It's extremely fast and reliable in operation.

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Yes, the batch conversion feature allows you to select and export hundreds of images to multiple formats (more than 60 formats) at a given time. You can also resize, crop, and apply effects to these images simultaneously through this facility.

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Yes, you can convert the scanned PDF into a Word file and edit the content in the converted document.

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Yes, the Batch Conversion feature allows you to do precisely this. Listed below are its steps:

  • Select 'Batch Converting' in the 'File' menu and the 1-2-3FileConvert Batch Converter window will open up.
  • Browse and select your image folder. The files in the folder will be displayed.
  • To select all the files, click on the '>>' button. You can also select files individually- simply select the desired files, one at a time and click on the '>' button. This way, you can process individual file selections in a folder.
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    Yes, you can do this. Simply apply the required effects to your image and click 'Save' in the 'File' menu.

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    Yes, you do need to download the application again. Click on the 'Purchase' link in your trial version and go through the short purchase process. You will be then allowed to download the registered 1-2-3FileConvert. We will also send you the Registration Key. This is a number that you will be prompted to fill in during the installation process to activate your 1-2-3FileConvert software.

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    Your transactions are completely secure on our website and validated by Verisign. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for protecting your information. When giving your credit card number, SSL encrypts all personal information including your card number, name, and address. With this encryption, only we at 1-2-3FileConvert are allowed to decode your information.

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    Simply look at the lower right-hand or left-hand corner of your browser window after accessing a server.
    If you see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending upon your browser), the SSL is active and your information is secure. You can also double-check by looking at the URL line of your browser. When
    accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from 'http' to 'https'.

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    Please contact us at with your personal details and we will send you a new registration key. During installation, copy and paste the new registration key and your 1-2-3FileConvert software will run just fine. We apologize for the inconvenience but this feature has been put in to prevent unauthorized use.

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    10. Yes, it is 100% secure.
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    There could be 2 issues here:
    1) MS-Word may not be installed on your machine.
    2) You may have used 'Text Only' or 'Formatted Text' option while converting. These options discard images while conversion. Please use the other options "Flowing Text" or "As Is" to retain the images.

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    Please contact our support team, and we will guide you in activating the product.

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    The issue could be due to the firewall restrictions. Please contact your Network Administrator to resolve this. If this doesn’t help, you may try to disable your anti-virus when you are activating the product. Even if this doesn't work, then contact our support team and we will guide you in activating the product..

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    Please uninstall and re install the product. Contact our support team to get the registration key reactivated.

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    You need to check the 'Page Setup' of the document and confirm the paper size to be 'Letter' or 'A4' or whichever is compatible with your printer.

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