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It was a pleasant surprise to see how accurately
1-2-3FileConvert converted my PDF to Word. We also use the image conversion tool a lot!
  Rita Sayles, Pharmatech  
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PDF Converter Software
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Convert PDF File Create PDF
Convert PDF Create PDF
Convert Scanned PDF Edit PDF Files View PDFs Merge PDF Files
Convert Scanned PDF Edit PDF View PDF Merge PDF

Convert PDF Files

Conversion from PDF to Word format
123 File PDF Professional converts all PDF files into Word document (.docx, .doc, .rtf.) so that the content can be edited with so much ease. PDF Converter Software performs the conversions by retaining 100% original layout of the document. It literally replicates the PDF document to complete formatted Microsoft Word file effectively. It leaves no need for reformatting the converted file.

Conversion from PDF to Excel
The software allows the user to convert the PDF files to Excel with 123 File PDF Professional. The entire PDF file gets converted into one excel sheet to provide easier access to the data. Multiple pages would be separated distinctly by a single line, and the pages are automatically numbered.

Conversion from PDF to Image
Convert PDF Files into Image in various formats like BMP, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PNM, PPM and PCX. Every page gets its individual image created and stored in a specific folder for later use.

Convert PDF to Postscript
You can achieve PDF to Post-Script conversion with the advanced 123 File PDF professional. Choose the desired output format.

Handle rotated text, shapes, page and images
PDF Converter Software automatically recognizes the need to rotate content in the file and preserves the layout and images in the newly converted Word document same as in the original source file. If a text or image is vertical, then it will appear as is in the converted file too. The feature is particularly beneficial for document with graphs or charts.

Unique enhanced features like Formatted Text only, As IS, Flowing Text, Text Only and Image Only
Perform high quality conversions with various conversion options like Flowing Text document layout option, which yields converted document of better quality. This PDF software preserves the original layout accurately in the converted document. Therefore, it retains columns formatting, graphics and text flow in the new converted document.

Batch Conversion
Batch convert multiple PDF files to images, Word, .rtf, .txt, and postscript format with 123 File PDF Professional. It saves your time by processing numerous PDF files in no time.

Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
You do not have to worry about losing active hyperlinks and bookmarks of your source file, since PDF Converter software accurately converts them into Word document. PDF software makes it easier to access added information through hyperlinks.

Well managed column formation
Text lines and columns remain intact in the converted document, making it easier to edit or format the file. If there is a multi-column text layout in the PDF document, the layout will be preserved in the new converted Word doc. You will be at ease to edit the content of the file any way.

JPX format supported
Replicate the JPX images in your PDF format to Word document with 123 File PDF Professional. Therefore, the images in the converted document appear identical to the ones in the source PDF file.

Enhanced support for symbolic fonts like beta, alpha, etc.
The software has been developed very carefully and is extremely friendly towards symbolic fonts. The tool converts the symbolic fonts in the most precise manner like they appear in the PDF file.

Handle conversion of rotated text
The special features of PDF software makes the rotated text appear as it is in the converted document as well.

Enhanced Subscript-superscript support
Improved features provided in PDF Converter software makes superscript and subscript appears identical in the converted and the original documents.

Improved font mapping
Font mapping feature ensures that the fonts match precisely in the converted and the original document. This brilliant feature automatically selects correct sets of fonts so that it can match the original document. Enhanced database in this professional software betters the existing font mapping features.

Optimum System Resource Use
Many conversion programs consume computer's memory and disk space in a way that it gravely affects other running applications on a system. This is not what happens when you use 123 File PDF Professional. The software makes use of system memory, hard disk space and processor in a very optimized way. Working on other programs while converting documents has been made highly better.

More than 5516 fonts supported
The capable software can replicate 5516 fonts in the converted document. It means it will be very difficult to differentiate between the original document and the converted file.

Handling True Type Fonts
Along with over 5400 fonts, the software handles True Type fonts very capably. It leaves almost no scope of not replicating the text in PDF file at the best. Symbolic fonts are also well-handled by the software.

User-friendly Multi-lingual Interface
Conversion of documents from PDF to Word or .rtf can be done in 9 different languages, which are English, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, German, Portuguese and Italian.

Partial Conversion of documents
Partially convert PDF file by specifying page numbers that need to be converted from a PDF file( convert page no- 2, 3, 8). A range of pages can also be specified (convert pages from 11-35) to convert a section of PDF file instead of converting the complete file.

Watermark documents
Create your personal watermark by giving text, selecting font, color, style, size and rotation angle as per your requirements. You are enabled to save your designed watermarks with the 123 File PDF Professional. The watermarks created can be saved in the application itself.

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Create PDF Files

PDF File creation
Change any printable File to PDF with 123 File PDF Professional. It acts as a virtual printer, which allows you to translate all printable files into PDF by preserving the layout and formatting.

Control PDF quality
Get easy control over the quality of your PDF with presets such as Standard, Printing, Screen/Web Email and Press/Draft. Even customizable options such as gray scale or mention of the desired quality feature are available. The PDF creation experience surely improves with these options.

Batch Create files
This special feature permits you to create multiple files at once. All Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Image and Text Files, etc. can be created with ease.

Merge Multiple PDF Files in no time
This feature enables you to merge multiple files into a single file, so that you can view various PDF files at the same time. Select the order in which you want these files to appear in the final document and the files would be merged into a single PDF.

Advanced Security Options available
Secure PDF files with the use of 40-bit or 128-bit encryption algorithms. Also, protect PDF files with the password protect feature so that others cannot edit, print, view or add comments to your document.

Watermark PDF Files
-Create extraordinary watermarks for your PDF file and also customize them.
-Create personalized watermark by giving your own font, color, style, text and rotation angle.
-Save the watermark created with the button named as Save Watermark, which can be used later. You can access these custom watermarks from the Sample watermark dropdown.
-If you wish to save your valuable time, you could use pre-created sample watermarks.

Compatibility with Office 2010 & Windows 7
123 File PDF Professional is compatible with Office 2010 and Windows 7. This offers you better flexibility to use it on any system as needed.

PDF files overlay is much easier
The latest version enables you to create a PDF and overlay it with one page PDF of your preference, which contains textual elements or picture.

New Display options
Advanced options such as Zoom, Page mode, Page layout, and display options such as Hide menu bar, toolbar, Show PDF with a single click have been made available.

Convert files to PDF/A
PDF/Archive file format supports long term archiving of electronic documents. The New 123 File PDF Professional PDF Creator lets you create PDF/A files by selecting this format in 'Save as Type' dropdown.

Easy manageable page sizes supported
The software supports publishing of PDF file in several sizes like 11x7, Ledger, A0, A1, A2, A4, and many more.

Custom compression feature
A user finds custom compression feature very helpful because a PDF can be converted to Grayscale, monochrome, or customize monochrome fonts and images according to your preference.

Adjust settings
Select display properties with different rotation style and degree for your document.

Sending files as attachment at ease
Output PDF files can be sent as an attachment by clicking on 'Send File as Attachment' option.

Setting document properties
Various Document Properties such as Title, Author, Subject and Keywords can be organized in your document.

Translate any printable file to PDF format
This PDF creator is a virtual printer, permitting you to translate all printable files to PDF.

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Convert Scanned PDF Files

You can convert all your scanned PDF files. You can re-use all the content in your scanned PDF files with a single click. Just select the scanned PDF file and click on Convert Scanned PDF button. The scanned PDF will .be converted preserving 100% original formatting and contents of the document.

Numerous Fonts Supported
You need not worry for losing out fonts and text in your scanned PDF documents after conversion. 123 File PDF Professional supported numerous formats which ensure that your fonts remain preserved.

Easy to Re-use PDF Content
You can utilize all the content from your scanned PDF files. After conversion, you can copy the material and use it for your Word documents, Excel files, Powerpoint presentations or any other document. You need not write the whole content again. This saves time and make the tasks much easier.

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Edit PDF Files

Inbuilt PDF File Editor
PDF Editing has been a major need for users across the globe for document management. Once created, PDF files were almost impossible to edit earlier. With 123 File PDF Professional, you can edit your PDF files with inbuilt editor. Just click on Edit PDF option and you can add new text or modify the existing content of PDF file.

Edit PDF in Word
You can also edit your PDF files in MS Word. Just click on Edit in Word option and PDF file would open in the Word dialog. You can edit your PDF file as you edit a Word document.

Edit PDF Properties
You can edit the properties as well as quality of your PDF files as well. The PDF editing software lets your modify the PDF properties, manage document settings, control quality as well as personalize PDF file.

Preserved PDF even after Editing
Your PDF file will stay preserved even after editing. You tables, images, graphs etc. will stay in place after you complete the editing. Our software retains 100 percent formatting after you edit a PDF file. So you don't have to worry about distorted PDF files after editing them.

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View PDF Files

Inbuilt PDF Reader
In built PDF reader lets you view multiple PDF files simultaneously. You can work through multiple documents. You can manage all documents in different tabs.

Simple & Easy to Use
123 File PDF Professional comes with an inbuilt PDF reader which is very simple and user friendly. Each option in properly organized making it much better from complex looking PDF readers.

View Multiple PDF files
You can view multiple PDF files simultaneously. Simply drag-and-drop the PDF files that you want to view in the application and they would open in different tabs. You can organize the tabs as you want.

You can find any text/phrase in the PDF document using the search option. Simply type the word you are looking for in search field and click search. All results would be highlighted instantly.

Zoom Options
You can either zoom in or zoom out your PDF files to improve the readability. This would make sure that you don't miss anything while reviewing your PDF files.

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Merge PDF Files

Merge Multiple PDF Files in few seconds
This feature enables you to merge multiple files into a single file, so that you can view various PDF files at the same time.

Easily Organize Documents
Merging of different files into a single PDF file makes your document management much more easier. You need to worry about managing different documents and pieces of information at different locations.

1-Click Merging Options
123 File PDF Professional lets you merge files with a single click. You just need to select the files and click on Merge to start merging them. You can also select the order in which you want to merge files and modify that as per requirement.

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